Gyp-Fill Enterprise, Inc.

We Specialize in Gypsum Concrete Floor Underlayment Application(Gypcrete),Acoustical Sound Mat installetion , Floor Leveling and fire rated requirements .

We Provide Service To : Multi-Family buildings ,High End Custom Homes, Remodeling Projects  , and focus on providing high-quality workmanship to developers and contractors in Los Angeles, Ventura, Oxnard ,Orange County and San Diego area.

We invests in new technologies that enable us to be
a leader in our industry. Our newest pumping equipment enable us to
automate the batch process and monitor quality of the product .
The automated pumps are computer controlled with programmable
batch recipes so that each ingredient is weighed into the mixing
chamber, what makes every mix equal and accurate .

Gyp-Fill Enterprise, Inc. is an authorized applicator for the entire product line of Hacker Industries, Inc.

Please contact us today to inquire how Gypsum Concrete flooring can benefit your next project.

Thank you for choosing Gyp-Fill Enterprise, Inc.

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